• Absolutely wonderful to work with, great knowledge of design and products, definitely worth it and the end result was truly great- Saeed
  • Faizi Design did an amazing job of designing my law firm offices. Omer's sense of style, sophistication and modern creativity were outstanding! He incorporated environmentally friendly "green" concepts in the selection of tiles, finishes and paint and the quality furniture added to the contemporary look we wanted. He also worked well with our building management team, which made the entire construction process less disruptive for all those involved. I HIGHLY recommend him! A true gentleman!- Dustin
  • I hired Faizi Design to redo my master bedroom, living space, and one of my extra bedrooms. Faizi Design did an outstanding job. They completely changed my spaces and made them up-to-date.They laid laminated floors throughout all the rooms, painted walls, reorganized my furniture, and brought a new sparkle to the rooms.I would hire them again in the future.-papergrader
  • Working with Omer was great! He redesigned my living room to give it a concise, modern look. Ever single person that comes to my place is blown -away by the design.- Mike
  • Just hired Omer for a design consult, love his work, and what he bring to the table. He gave me great ideas for my master bathroom and kitchen remodel. planning to meet in 2 weeks with more extensive plans. I also read some ladies comment which goes well against what I experienced. He charged me $150.00 for his time as I live way up in cave creek . I know one thing to hire a good professional designer one must pay for there service and not except free time. I have a great amount of respect for this field. Thanks Omer for looking after us. Your ideas and vision how to re do the Kitchen was amazing. Hope you can work with in out 50K budget. Will send you the contract by next week.- James
  • I just used Faizi U design service amazing work very cool hip urban and modern my room looks like a room out of a magazine Thank you -James
  • This review is over due. I used Omers design skill set few months ago and to my delight i was impressed by the service, product knowledge, product selection, after sales service , follow ups and most of all omer has a great eye on design. He helped me with the tiles and flooring but went above and beyond and helped me with my wall colors and sofa and window fabric ideas . Definitely a asset in a city like Ithaca, where every designer is out dated-Dan
  • After I purchased my new loft and deciding to go all in with renovations, I researched and spoke with several designers. What stuck with me, was that right away Omer showed genuine excitement and great vision around the possibilities. The renovation included a full bedroom, lighting and furniture for the dining and living rooms, colors and painting of the entire unit.

    I had never gone through major redesign or worked with a designer before and was unsure of the process. Omer asked me a lot of questions about by tastes, listened to my ideas and brought back a vision that was awesome! Faizi Design did such a great job of ensuring the design was something that I would love. The result is that they gave me such a beautiful place, one that I couldn't imagine getting to on my own, but it feels 100% mine...and I love it!- Omer is super creative, great guy and great to work with. I highly recommend Faizi Design to anyone looking for help on a renovation. -Thank -Marci