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Interior Design


Guiding Clients Every Step of the Way


Initial consultation sets the mood, gets both of us to know each other. By the end of our meeting I have established a clear vision of my client’s style, their lifestyle, and are able to personalize the design process with the best end-result in mind. Set budget expectations and timeline, allowing my clients to sit back and enjoy their transformation of the house.


During the design process, my clients give me the freedom to design within their budget and decode the design plan from our initial meeting process into design plan, with mood boards, 3-D renderings, samples to touch and feel, color pallet selection, and anything that we discussed to complete the project.


All good things must come to an end. After approval of design, depending on which design plan they choose to go with, which is within the established budget and approved design plans, I turn our vision into a reality. Client’s personalized design is ordered from their selection and getting delivered to their residence. Once I have all the items needed to start the interior layout process, I ask my clients to go and enjoy the rest of the day while I set up their space.

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